Our Fees

We can agree to charge fixed fees but can also agree to work on an hourly rate basis; we are able to provide average costs that you can incur during your matter. Below is an estimate of costs as a guide only, but we can give an accurate cost assessment once we have full details of your matter: –

Type of Application and Average fees:

Free consultation first 20 minutes in immigration matters then charge £50.00 which is adjustable in final fee
 Visit Visa / Average Fee is £1250-£2500
 Asylum matter /Average Fee is £2000-£3500
 Asylum appeal / Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 Tier 1 (Entrepreneur) /Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 Tier 1 (investor) / Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 Tier 2 initial application further leave, or settlement / Average Fee is £2000-£2500
 Tier 4 initial application or extension of stay / Average Fee is £1500-£3000
 PBS Dependant’s visa / Average Fee is £2000-£3000
 EEA dependant other than spouse or child / Average Fee is £1550-£3500
 Registration certificate of an EEA national / average fee is £1300-£2000
 Spouse/other Visas/EC/ Further Leave applications Average Fee is £2000-£3500
 Applications outside the immigration rules / Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 Settlement application under the 10-year rule / Average Fee is £2000-£3000
 Leave to remain under the family or private life route / Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 EEA residence card application for a partner or child / Average Fee is £2000-£3500
 Applications for retained rights of residence / Average Fee is £2500-£3500
 EEA Applications for permanent right of residence / Average Fee is £2000-£3000
 Applications for British citizenship / Average Fee is £2000-£3000
 Lodging grounds of appeal to the First Trier Tribunal Average Fee is £1500-£2000
 First Tier Tribunal appeal / Average fee is £2000-£3000
 Applications for permission to appeal to Upper Tribunal / Average Fee is £2000-£3500
 Judicial Review (Pre-action) against Home Office / Average fee is £750-£1250.00
 Judicial Review against Home Office / average fee is £3500-£4500
 Appeal to The Court of appeal / average fee £3000-£4000